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[RP: New Faces. Dean/Sam]

Wearily, Dean returned the stack of books he had looked over. Were he a normal mid-twenty something living in the area, he'd check them out. But ... he wasn't and didn't even live locally. But his trusty laptop would be of use later with the notes he took. Returning to the table he had been at all day, he shut down the laptop and stuffed it into his messenger bag. Shrugging into his denim jacket, Dean slug the bag over his shoulder and headed for the exit.

A young man scanned the room, sighing in relief when he found somebody that looked almost as discouraged as he was. This was him, this was the person his dreams had led him too for whatever reason. The only thing he had going for him now was what he thought about, which might seem sad, and it was, but there was nothing else besides what was in his own mind. Not since....she... Sam choked up on emotion. Okay, pull yourself together Sam told himself. He tripped and bumped into some tables, and he was actually glad that it made him embarrassed, because at least he could still feel something.

Dean reacted a bit more slowly than he usually would, but he pinned it down to exhaustion and lack of sleep the past few days. Nightmares keeping him up. Anyway ... he noticed some idiot had bumped into a table. It didn't dawn on him until Dean nearly reached the circulation desk that he vaguely knew the guy. What the hell? he thought, Whats that guy doing out in the middle of nowhere? Dean turned back, walking up to the guy and gestured a bit, "You're ... Sam, right?"

Sam nodded. He thought that was his name, and it felt...weird somehow, to hear other people say his own name. He just spent way too much time by himself. "Yeah" Sam said softly. "And I know what you're looking for..." he was never one to make small talk, as he never really knew just what to say to strike up a conversation. What do other guys talk about anyway? 'The Game' Sam laughed at that. Sports were just boring... most everything was boring to him. But not demons...not the ones that walked in the night. He realized he had been laughing out loud, and another human was actually standing before him. Sam cleared his throat and smoothed out his suede jacket with his fingertips. "You're an idiot if you think you can take them on alone."

His brows arched just a tad before furrowing together, "Excuse me?" How the hell did this wack job know what he was hunting?

"You know guys like you make me sick" Sam said, not afraid to show his bitterness for the world to see. "You think you're all so manly and cool and powerful. You think you can hunt the big nasties all by your widdle selves but when it comes down it, you run away and cry like a little girl. Listen Lumberjack, if you're gonna beat this thing then you're gonna need somebody with a bit more finesse...somebody that understands a thing or too about magic. You look like you should be doing drywall for a living, not hunting demons." Proud of himself, Sam stood tall and crossed his arms. "Oh what, are ya gonna get all bitchy now?"

This ... Sam person ... had hit a button. A look of paranoia spread across his face a bit while looking around, hoping no one noticed. Then, without warning, Dean's hand shot out and grabbed the guy by the lapel of his jacket. Dragging Sam to the exit and down the stairs to his pick-up where Dean threw Sam against the passenger side. Whispering loudly, he demanded, "Dude, are you insane or something? You don't go ranting about that shit in front of people like that!" He then raised a finger at Sam, "And I'll have you know I've been hunting demons all my life."

"Well I have spent a good deal of my childhood in looney bins" Sam said matter-of-factly, afraid to admit that Dean's grasp was very strong indeed. "And I don't give a damn about what social code I offended. Those other people in there, do you think they can really understand what you're doing? I know more about you than you think, and I know that if you don't stop spending all your time in libraries you're gonna be as unpopular as I am. I can tell you don't want that, so you just have to do what I say." Sam breathed heavily. Okay, they obviously couldn't go on like this all night, could they?

Letting go of Sam, Dean took a step back and looked this guy up and down, "I already know they won't understand. Which is why its a secret." He put some emphasis on that word, for clarification. He paced a bit, silently fuming until Dean stopped to look at him, "And who the hell do you think you are, man? I don't need to listen to you." Oh, fuck this man, I'm so going to bed. Dean scoffed at Sam and then went around the truck to the driver's side.

"You're gonna have to listen to me if you want to destroy this thing" Sam said, a bit quieter than usual. "And while your determination is in fact admirable, do you really think you're ready to fight them directly?" He then surprisingly and even a bit playfully, slapped Dean on the back of his head. "They're known as 'Shadow spirits' for a reason, moron. They have a lot of other stuff protecting them."

I already knew that, moron. Okay, so he had a vague idea, he did after all live the nightmare of seeing his mother get dragged into an abysmal pit in the middle of his bedroom floor. Dean slapped Sam's hand away, "Don't touch me." He opened the driver's side door and got in, jamming the key in the ignition and retorted, "I'll do whatever it takes."

"Hmmph. You touched me first, bright eyes" Sam said, sounding even more bitter than before, if that was even possible. "And I hope you keep up that attitude later on, because most people only stay motivated at the beginning of a journey...man." Sam emphasized the word, mocking Dean and his tough boy talk.

Dean stared back at Sam in silence, the engine of the truck idling, "... What do you want, Sam?"

"Same thing as you" Sam said. "Vengeance ... I guess you can pretty it up, call it justice but ..." Sam let out a sigh, and his tone became deeper and more serious. "Your family could still be alive and more or less 'well', but my best friend ... she was killed by them. As far as why I sought you out, I just ... know these things about you. I have these dreams about you. Not gay dreams, but ..." Sam shrugged. "I don't really wanna talk about it. Just drive okay? I'll tell you where to go." This was getting a bit awkward, noted by the fact that Sam's cheeks had blushed a deep red.

He sighed, closed the door and gunned the engine once before peeling out of the parking lot. Glancing over to Sam, Dean accepted the fact about this guy having prophetic dreams. He'd read enough about such things over the years ... but to be the subject of one was awkward. He didn't know what to say about that so he cleared his throat and muttered, "Right ..." Then more loudly asked, "So, uh, can this wait 'til morning? I'm beat." There was a pause and before Sam could berate him added, "Plus, daylight would give us an advantage. You know," Dean glanced to Sam, "' them being shadow demons and all."

"Yeah sure, whatever" Sam said. "And I see you have common sense. That will be good to have when ..." Sam's voice trailed off. He thought of something snarky and negative to say as usual, but for some reason he just wasn't in the mood. "You can just drop me off wherever. I'll always find you." Okay, now THAT was awkward. "You know, in my dreams ... I. Oh just fucking forget it." Sam said, staring out the window. "Seriously though, this isn't going to get pretty." Looking at Dean up and down he quipped "I hope you work out."

Oh, God, someone shut this kid up already Dean thought. "Look, it's getting late, you can just crash in my room." Then as an afterthought added, "You better not snore or I swear to God I'll kick your ass."


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