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deanwillows in supernaturalau

[OOC: Introduction & Important Stuff]

Well then, welcome to the RPG! As you know (hopefully) this particular game is based on the television series featured on the WB/CW, Supernatural. This post is basically the huge information one that will have all the guidelines and rules to play properly, etc. However, since there's just the three of us and I know you two pretty well I'm sure there won't be huge problems. Most of this stuff is just for posting.

+ [Posting]
When posting at all to the community (this journal you are reading), the subject has to reflect the type of post you are posting. For example if it is an RP it must look like this:

Subject: [RP: insert title. (player/player)]

However, let's say you have something to say OOC, like an annoncement you'll be away or really busy. You'd basically post something similar:

Subject: [OOC: insert appropriate subject]

[ADDED:] If an RP or non-RP post is more than three paragraphs long, put the rest in an LJ-cut.

+ [Gameplay (aka RPing)]
Most, if not all, RPs will take place on AIM. Once a particular RP is done to the satisfaction of the players involved it will be edited by one of the players and then posted to the community so everyone can kind of know what's going on. Another way of keeping everyone informed is to have your character post something in their personal journal.

Solo RPs are allowed and encouraged!

+ [Personal Journals]
Personal journals maintained by your character is your character's point of view from an RP or basically whatever you'd like your character to write about within the context of the game. For example, Dean might post his notes concerning the current hunt he is on or how he feels about something Sam or a friend said.

If you'd like a journal entry for your character to be private, please don't update your journal with the entry as private. To let players know that the journal entry should be private, please disable the comment feature for that particular entry.

Hm ... I think that's all for now. If I have anything to add, I'll update this post.


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October 2006

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