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[RP: Dean's Knight In Shinning Armor (Bene/Dean)]

Benedict had been driving, which he did most of the time, when his cellphone had gone off. He knew exactly who it was, having purchased one of those fancy cellphones with the ringtones that changed according to who was calling. Dean was usually the only person who called anyway, not like he expected anyone else to buzz him. Must be something up. Not one for driving and talking, Benedict decided he'd take a break at the next gas station to gas up and give Dean a call back.
About fifteen minutes down the road a lone in the middle of no where, gas station had been plunkered down. Pulling into it, Benedict parked next to one of two pumps. Grabbing his phone he got out, going to the gas pump. Starting the pump, he dialed Dean, hoping whatever trouble was happening he wasn't in the middle of at this exact moment.

He put down the grenade he was working on when his cell rang. Standing, Dean moved to his jacket draped across one of the two queens in the room and fished out the phone. Flipping it open, Dean answered with a, "Yeah?"

His eyes watching the numbers going higher and higher in price as his gas pumped, Benedict answered with another question, "Trouble a foot is there?" his voice deep and slightly mumbled due to a cigarette in his mouth. A bad habit of his.

Glancing to Sam, who seemed enamoured with some show on the crap TV, Dean grabbed the room key and quietly slipped outside. He made a stop at the vending machine, obtaining a bottle of Pepsi before replying softly, "Dude ..." he glanced back to room 113 as if Sam could hear him, "you don't know the half of it." Taking a swig of pop, he continued, "Some wackjob that I haven't seen since high school tells me he knows what I do." Stopping a second to take a seat outside the office, Dean added, "And he knows about the shadow demons."

Eyebrow raising at this, Benedict was quiet for a second, and he used it to blow the smoke from his cigarette out. That wasn't something that happened everyday.
"Does he now?" the delayed question was asked, but Benedict wasn't sure what to think.
"Exactly how does this 'wackjob' of yours know this? He's not some kooky mind reader or what not is he?" Benedict asked, hoping that it wasn't something lame like that. They didn't need any weird ass tag alongs, muchless a tag along in the first place.

"No ..." Dean sipped his Pepsi, "it's worse. He has these dreams or visions or whatever." Sighing, he leaned back on the bench, "Ben, I could use your help on this. Sam's hinted that he knows where to go next but ..." He shook his head even though his friend wouldn't see the gesture, "I don't trust him and he probably doesn't know how to handle a gun if it bit him on the ass."

The gas pump clicked letting him know his tank was filled to the brim. Placing the hose back Benedict sighed seeing the price of the gas. Disgusting how much it was these days. Oh well, what could you do.
"Huh, that bad?" Benedict said, sarcastically of course. He really wasn't liking the sound of this Sam guy. Not at all, but Dean seemed to think he had no choice but to bring him along. Why not, the more the merrier. If Sam did get in the way... well there were ways of getting around that.
"Since you're in such distress my princess I guess I have to come rescue you huh? What's your location again?" asked Benedict.

"Yeah ... that bad," Dean responded with a bit of dejection. That emotion was quickly replaced by annoyance mixed with amusement, "Princess my ass, old man!" Dean chuckled, chucking his now empty Pepsi bottle in the near-by trash can. "Get to Rockburg, North Dakota as soon as you can, Benedict."

"Yeah yeah, okay mom." Benedict smirked around his cigarette, glad to have annoyed Dean a little. It was fun picking on him, but that was only because he knew he could get on the kid's nerve. Getting back into his truck, he slammed the door a bit hard, otherwise it wouldn't shut properly.
"Any exact place I'm looking for or are you gonna just magically appear in front of my car when I get there?"

Another chuckle passed his lips, "Oh, Bene, always with the jokes." Dean paused, looked around a bit while scuffing his shoe against the gravel. "Get to highway 12 and take it all the way to Rockburg. Once you hit the town limits, two miles in there's a motor lodge. We're holed up there."

Pulling out of the gas station, Benedict nodded to himself. Sounded easy enough, luckily he knew that area anyway. Traveling a lot did that to you.
"Got it." with that he ended their call. He hated driving and talking on those infernal things at the same time. On his way to save the day, yet again. Might as well as just stay with Dean since the kid was calling him all the time for help.


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