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[RP: Working Title (Sam/Dean)]

The young hunter pulled his truck to a stop in front of the motel room, cut the engine and then grabbed the white paper bag beside him on the passenger seat. After a few hours at attempting to sleep, Dean decided to run for coffee and a couple bagels. He had bought a cup for Sam, not knowing if the other young man liked it or not (if not, more for him!). Entering the room, he saw psychic boy awake and said, "Well, morning Sunshine." He placed the bag and coffee on the little table.

Sam always hated the taste of coffee, but enjoyed the smell, which could be damn annoying. "Hey" he said to Dean. He looked around the hotel. "This place isn't exactly the Holiday Inn is it?" He then took the cup and weirdly sniffed the aroma before cautiously lapping up the black substance with his tongue. Then, suddenly, he scarfed down his bagel in all about five seconds. It was so good, he had almost forgotten about the 'mission.' "I guess I should already be dressed, or something" he said matter-of-factly.

Dean, too, looked around the room. "Yeah, well ... we don't exactly get paid for this kind of job, know what I mean?" He sipped his own coffee and then proceeded to slather his bagel in cream cheese before taking a large bite. After washing said bite down with more coffee, Dean shook his head, "Relax, take a load off. We're waiting for company."

Sam nodded silently while staring at a cobweb in the corner. In a way, it had been kind of nice so far. They had both simmered down somewhat, and guys usually don't get all fussy like females tend to get. They could eat however the hell they wanted to, even leave the toilet seat up. It didn't matter. Sam remembered all the girls he dated in college. Oh, who was he kidding, there was just the one. Still, in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but think Dean was warming up to him just to use him for his knowledge regarding the Shadow Spirits. He knew most people were just selfish and manipulative like that, and he was used to it. His only soulmate, the only person that really understood him was gone forever, and he would just have to suck it up somehow.

Silently, Dean continued to eat his bagel and watch the morning news. Though, to be honest, in his line of work it didn't really matter a whole lot what was going on "out there." Also, it was just kind of awkward since Dean had been on his own for a few years now. The fight last night reminded him of Mikey. Man, the fights they got into ... Around a mouthful of bagel, Dean suddenly asked, "So ... why me?"

"Why I had the dreams about you? I dunno man...we're probably erm, connected some how." Sam licked his fingers, savoring every last crumb of the bagel. "I mean, we both ran into the Shadow Spirits...so there's that." He suddenly paused, and read Dean's face. He could tell he wanted to know more about them. Sam just smlied and thought about the opportunites here. Now it was HIS turn to be a manipulative asshole. He didn't mean to, really, but Sam had been dreaming (figuratively speaking this time) of the day when he could have some sort of power over guys like Dean. The more dominant man just seemed like the kind of guy that would've stuffed him in his locker if they had went to the same high school together. He was just too cool acting not to be a little bit of a bully, Sam thought. "We'll get into more of the Shadow Spirits later, if you're a good boy this Christmas" Sam said jokingly. He knew Dean would probably get pissed at that comment, but he didn't care. Much.

Dean shrugged, taking a swig of coffee and setting it on the table, "Makes sense. Evil like that usually leaves an imprint, a mark that lets people more suseptible know it was there." He sat up, pulling his laptop closer to him and opening it up. As was his routine when on the device, he checked "Missing Willows" and wasn't surprised there were no leads. Dean sighed and glanced to Sam, "... right." Shutting the laptop down, the young man then grabbed his cell phone and checked to see if Benedict called. Come on, Ben, where are you? Dean didn't like sitting around, waiting before a hunt. He remembered the annoyed conversations he had with Mikey while they were info gathering. His brother was always the sensible one of the duo and had saved his ass on more than one occassion. Dean got up, threw out his trash, and got back to work on the flash grenades.

Sam was a bit...annoyed. He hated when his dreams and visions didn't tell him everything, but that was life. He thought it was funny how some people would probably view having a supernatural gift as being a freak, but Sam was already kind of a freak, so having premonitions only made him feel part of something special. So yeah, he wasn't previously informed about this guy that would be coming over, and it bugged him. If you're not part of the dream, you're not part of the plan Sam thought That's always been his personal motto. The only thing he really believed in at this point in his life, were his powers. Sam sighed at Dean. He had grown such a tough macho exterior, but it would be kind of fun to try and continually test that. Every man has something that makes him cry, his grandmother once told him that.

Glancing over to Sam again, Dean had to wonder how the hell this scrawny ass kid got into this kind of gig. Most people who got "visions" ignored them, moved on with their lives or went insane. Well, he did mention looney bins ... Maybe someone tried to "cure" Sam of his visions. Whatever, it's none of my concern Dean thought as he put duct-tape around the homemade grenade.

Sam watched Dean make the weapons. He did it all fast and professional like, like he had a bit of experience. Sam sighed. Just what he needed for his self-confidence, Dean to rescue him...but he WAS the one with the muscle, Sam thought. Sam looked down at his watch and then out the hotel window. He just wish he could sense what they were getting themselves into.


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