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[RP: The Calm Before the Storm? (Dean)]

Dean carefully placed the twelfth or so flash grenade he made on the table. It was the very early hours of the morning, glancing to the motel's clock which read nearly four in the morning. He'd been awake for two hours now. Were he not awake, Dean would be sleeping like a baby but he'd been woken by a recurring nightmare. He'd had it since he was a kid. It was always the same, though somtimes he dreamed of his dad or Mikey.

When Dean was ten his mother had died a horrible, but mysterious death. For months after, Dean had wanted to believe that the oozing black pit that slowly engulfed his mother down into his bedroom floor had been a terrible nightmare. However, the cold hard fact that his mother's severed torso stared back at him on that same floor atested differently. That and his father witnessed the same incident made it real. It was a fact that in police investigations that no two eye witness accounts were alike. But Dean and his father's were.

Thinking this, Dean opened the laptop and pulled up a website he created years ago in a desperate attempt of finding his dad and brother. The site was named "Missing Willows" and simply had a candid photograph of the three male Willows. It was Dean's last hope that the demon (or demons) who took his family would someday return them. Fat chance, though, he thought. He was right; there were no new leads or stories people posted on the accompanying forum.

The young man sat back in the chair, lifting a hand to scrub it over his face. He sighed, and then looked to the sleeping form of Sam. Again Dean wondered just what the hell was wrong with him for letting this guy come with him. It was clear the guy didn't have the strength or stamina to do a hunt (and he wasn't too sure if Sam was all there in his head), and it just came down to Dean not trusting people he first met.

At this thought, Dean stood and searched for his cell, finding it in the inside pocket of his denim jacket. He dialed a number, getting Benedict Crawford's voice mail. Stepping outside so he wouldn't wake Sam, Dean left a message, "Yo, Ben, it's Dean. Listen, uh ... I got a new lead on the demon that took my family. I, uh ... It'd be a good idea if you were here. Get to Rockburg, North Dakota as soon as you can. We're staying at the Motor Lodge." He paused, "Bye." Dean flipped the phone shut and headed back into the room hoping that maybe he could get a few more hours sleep before all hell broke loose.


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October 2006

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