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Oct. 19th, 2006


[RP: Dean's Knight In Shinning Armor (Bene/Dean)]

Benedict had been driving, which he did most of the time, when his cellphone had gone off. He knew exactly who it was, having purchased one of those fancy cellphones with the ringtones that changed according to who was calling. Dean was usually the only person who called anyway, not like he expected anyone else to buzz him. Must be something up. Not one for driving and talking, Benedict decided he'd take a break at the next gas station to gas up and give Dean a call back.
About fifteen minutes down the road a lone in the middle of no where, gas station had been plunkered down. Pulling into it, Benedict parked next to one of two pumps. Grabbing his phone he got out, going to the gas pump. Starting the pump, he dialed Dean, hoping whatever trouble was happening he wasn't in the middle of at this exact moment.

He put down the grenade he was working on when his cell rang. Standing, Dean moved to his jacket draped across one of the two queens in the room and fished out the phone. Flipping it open, Dean answered with a, "Yeah?"

His eyes watching the numbers going higher and higher in price as his gas pumped, Benedict answered with another question, "Trouble a foot is there?" his voice deep and slightly mumbled due to a cigarette in his mouth. A bad habit of his.

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Oct. 3rd, 2006


[RP: Working Title (Sam/Dean)]

The young hunter pulled his truck to a stop in front of the motel room, cut the engine and then grabbed the white paper bag beside him on the passenger seat. After a few hours at attempting to sleep, Dean decided to run for coffee and a couple bagels. He had bought a cup for Sam, not knowing if the other young man liked it or not (if not, more for him!). Entering the room, he saw psychic boy awake and said, "Well, morning Sunshine." He placed the bag and coffee on the little table.

Sam always hated the taste of coffee, but enjoyed the smell, which could be damn annoying. "Hey" he said to Dean. He looked around the hotel. "This place isn't exactly the Holiday Inn is it?" He then took the cup and weirdly sniffed the aroma before cautiously lapping up the black substance with his tongue. Then, suddenly, he scarfed down his bagel in all about five seconds. It was so good, he had almost forgotten about the 'mission.' "I guess I should already be dressed, or something" he said matter-of-factly.

Dean, too, looked around the room. "Yeah, well ... we don't exactly get paid for this kind of job, know what I mean?" He sipped his own coffee and then proceeded to slather his bagel in cream cheese before taking a large bite. After washing said bite down with more coffee, Dean shook his head, "Relax, take a load off. We're waiting for company."

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Sep. 28th, 2006


[RP: The Calm Before the Storm? (Dean)]

Dean carefully placed the twelfth or so flash grenade he made on the table. It was the very early hours of the morning, glancing to the motel's clock which read nearly four in the morning. He'd been awake for two hours now. Were he not awake, Dean would be sleeping like a baby but he'd been woken by a recurring nightmare. He'd had it since he was a kid. It was always the same, though somtimes he dreamed of his dad or Mikey.

When Dean was ten his mother had died a horrible, but mysterious death. For months after, Dean had wanted to believe that the oozing black pit that slowly engulfed his mother down into his bedroom floor had been a terrible nightmare. However, the cold hard fact that his mother's severed torso stared back at him on that same floor atested differently. That and his father witnessed the same incident made it real. It was a fact that in police investigations that no two eye witness accounts were alike. But Dean and his father's were.

Thinking this, Dean opened the laptop and pulled up a website he created years ago in a desperate attempt of finding his dad and brother. The site was named "Missing Willows" and simply had a candid photograph of the three male Willows. It was Dean's last hope that the demon (or demons) who took his family would someday return them. Fat chance, though, he thought. He was right; there were no new leads or stories people posted on the accompanying forum.

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Sep. 27th, 2006


[RP: New Faces. Dean/Sam]

Wearily, Dean returned the stack of books he had looked over. Were he a normal mid-twenty something living in the area, he'd check them out. But ... he wasn't and didn't even live locally. But his trusty laptop would be of use later with the notes he took. Returning to the table he had been at all day, he shut down the laptop and stuffed it into his messenger bag. Shrugging into his denim jacket, Dean slug the bag over his shoulder and headed for the exit.

A young man scanned the room, sighing in relief when he found somebody that looked almost as discouraged as he was. This was him, this was the person his dreams had led him too for whatever reason. The only thing he had going for him now was what he thought about, which might seem sad, and it was, but there was nothing else besides what was in his own mind. Not since....she... Sam choked up on emotion. Okay, pull yourself together Sam told himself. He tripped and bumped into some tables, and he was actually glad that it made him embarrassed, because at least he could still feel something.

Dean reacted a bit more slowly than he usually would, but he pinned it down to exhaustion and lack of sleep the past few days. Nightmares keeping him up. Anyway ... he noticed some idiot had bumped into a table. It didn't dawn on him until Dean nearly reached the circulation desk that he vaguely knew the guy. What the hell? he thought, Whats that guy doing out in the middle of nowhere? Dean turned back, walking up to the guy and gestured a bit, "You're ... Sam, right?"

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[OOC: Introduction & Important Stuff]

Well then, welcome to the RPG! As you know (hopefully) this particular game is based on the television series featured on the WB/CW, Supernatural. This post is basically the huge information one that will have all the guidelines and rules to play properly, etc. However, since there's just the three of us and I know you two pretty well I'm sure there won't be huge problems. Most of this stuff is just for posting.

+ [Posting]
When posting at all to the community (this journal you are reading), the subject has to reflect the type of post you are posting. For example if it is an RP it must look like this:

Subject: [RP: insert title. (player/player)]

However, let's say you have something to say OOC, like an annoncement you'll be away or really busy. You'd basically post something similar:

Subject: [OOC: insert appropriate subject]

[ADDED:] If an RP or non-RP post is more than three paragraphs long, put the rest in an LJ-cut.

+ [Gameplay (aka RPing)]
Most, if not all, RPs will take place on AIM. Once a particular RP is done to the satisfaction of the players involved it will be edited by one of the players and then posted to the community so everyone can kind of know what's going on. Another way of keeping everyone informed is to have your character post something in their personal journal.

Solo RPs are allowed and encouraged!

+ [Personal Journals]
Personal journals maintained by your character is your character's point of view from an RP or basically whatever you'd like your character to write about within the context of the game. For example, Dean might post his notes concerning the current hunt he is on or how he feels about something Sam or a friend said.

If you'd like a journal entry for your character to be private, please don't update your journal with the entry as private. To let players know that the journal entry should be private, please disable the comment feature for that particular entry.

Hm ... I think that's all for now. If I have anything to add, I'll update this post.